Brian McClaren and Randy Eddy-McCain

Brian McLaren

“So beautifully written. Powerful! Honest! Moving! Inspiring!”

Jay Bakker

“This book is vitally important.”

“You don’t have to agree with Randy McCain to appreciate the suffering he had to endure at the hands of a church that did not understand.”

Tony Campolo

Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Eastern University

Peggy Campolo

“Randy McCain has written a mesmerizing book with a tragic beginning and a glorious ending, a story made possible only by the grace of Jesus Christ. In my more than 30 years of being an advocate for those children of God who happen not to be straight, his is the true story I have used most often to give hope to those who mistakenly believe that because most of the church on earth does not want them, God doesn’t want them either. Randy’s 20 year Christ centered, loving, monogamous partnership with Gary Eddy, and Open Door Community Church, the grace place they have built together, give other misunderstood children of God reason to hope, and to keep on doing the Kingdomwork to which all of the children of God are called.”

And God Save Judy Garland fairly hums with honesty and authenticity. It’s funny and poignant and sad and triumphant. This is an important book.”

Randall Balmer

Chair, Department of Religion , Mandel Family Professor of Arts & Science, Dartmouth College and Author of Redeemer, the Life of Jimmy Carter